Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive. To save you asking them again, we will try and answer them for you in advance! If, having gone through them, you still can’t find an answer to your question, please get in touch with us via our Contacts page.

Q1 Why does The Ultimate ride close at 7pm?

A1 It is the theme park that close The Ultimate at 7pm. The reason for this is there is a local byelaw that says they have to stop running it by 7pm. This is because the noise from this particular ride affects the dairy herd in the neighbouring farm and, following complaints, the byelaw was passed some years ago. We accept that this is an inconvenience for those who especially wanted to ride this exciting attraction, but we cannot do anything about it. The law is the law. However, as we are now open from 2pm and not 6pm, you’ve got three extra hours to ride the mighty Ultimate!

Q2 Can we pay online by debit or by credit card?

A2 Sadly, no. We withdrew this option in 2016 as new VAT legislation meant we would automatically have to charge punters VAT on top of the face value and Eventrbrite’s own fee. It would have made the earlybird ticket savings pointless.

Groups buying tickets on the gate on the day are advised, we only accept Cash & Cheques. No credit/debit cards. Also, please ensure you have the correct cash ready.

Q3 Our coach driver wanted to know how he/she could get a free ticket to come into the park?

A3 Coach drivers are not given free tickets to enter the park. They are not part of this event and we don’t have the resources to cover the cost of strangers coming in. There is also a safeguarding issue here. Any coach driver wishing to access the shopping mall and restaurant area, is free to do so, as these are open to the public. If they complain about not being given a ticket to enter the park, please refer them to the Lightwater Valley staff, not the BNO organisers, as it is nothing to do with the BNO.

Q4 What times are the food outlets open?

A4 There will be food outlets open throughout the day. During the public close-down of the park and the rest period for the ride operators, there will be a staggered closing down of some food outlets, so that at any given moment, one of them will be open. The food outlets, like the rides, have to close for at least 30 mins in order to meet Health & Safety regulations for their staff.  (It isn’t exactly straightforward separating 2,000+ BNOers from the general public!)

During the hour the rides are closed (5-6pm), all the BNO participants are requested to go to the concert field, where musical entertainment will be provided. You can either bring your own food to consume, as many groups do, making it a huge picnic, or make sure you buy your food from the park’s outlets before the hour starts. LWV have recommended that you buy your food for the interim period between 4.00pm and 4.45pm. This will help stop massive queues building up as the public leave the site and when their staff need to get something to eat. We would be grateful for your co-operation with this.

Q5 Can I bring children under 11 years old to the event?

A5 No. This event is specifically designed for young people of secondary school age between 11-16 years. If you bring younger children you will then have your attention diverted from being with your youth group (which is one of the aims of the event, for you to spend quality time alongside your young people) and if the young people see children coming along, they will not feel that this is a special event just for them, this is particularly true after 5pm when we have exclusive use of the theme park. Also, if you bring children under our age range in, it will only encourage others to do so as well. If teenagers started going to 7 year old’s activities, the younger ones would have very right to complain, so why should it be any different the other way round?

If you wish to bring children under secondary age, they can enter as members of the public during the daytime, buying their tickets from Lightwater Valley. However, all children will have to leave the park when it closes to the public at 5pm.

Q6 What happens if we need First Aid help?

A6 You can go up to any Lightwater Valley staff member or BNO steward, who will get in touch with the First Aiders. Our BNO Stewards will all be wearing high viz vests, so are easily recognisable. After the theme park re-opens at 6pm, we have out own St John’s Ambulance First Aiders, located in the field where the stage is.

Q7 Will the exhibition area shut down at 5pm?

A7 No. The cafe counter has to close at 5pm for 30 mins, but people will still be able to enter the Conservatory to view the exhibition and to sit at tables to eat their own food. You just won’t be able to purchase any for 30 mins. However, you will be missing the entertainment at the Big Picnic on the stage field!

Q8 Do we have to pay for the rides when we’re inside the theme park?

A8 No. Your ticket covers you for all the rides. The only things not covered are purchases of food, sweets, drinks and other goods. The photographs with an owl or bird of prey are also not included in your ticket price.

Q9 Is it OK to drop my young people off and collect them at 21:00?

A9 No, it is not. No young people will be allowed access to the site without an adult accompanying them. If they are dropped off, you will be telephoned and asked to come back and collect them. We have no legal responsibility to cover unaccompanied young people.

Q10 Can we eat our tea on the coach outside?

A10 Yes, this is OK. However, no one will be allowed back into the theme park until 18:00 when the rides have reopened. You will also be missing the fun of the Big Picnic on the stage field and the entertainment provided there.

Q11 Is there somewhere to leave our bags?

A11 No. We do not have anywhere to securely leave bags. Please do not leave bags in the  Conservatory, as this is a public restaurant and piles of bags would contravene safety guidelines. Keep luggage to a minimum. A small to medium size backpack for carrying a waterproof coat, packed food and drink and a camera should be sufficient.

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